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Undercover Organism

Blending electronic loops and sounds with a live band in a unique live performance, Undercover Organism creates a sound that some may call jamtronica or live electronic music. With influences in jam, funk, jazz, hip-hop, and many different types of electronic music, UO strives on exciting the crowd with sounds they don't normally here from a live band. UO has played in many regional festivals catering to many different styles including; Summerfest, Project Earth, Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering, Ifdakamp, Choose Your Own Raventure, as well as local street festivals. Still playing mostly around the state of Wisconsin, UO has set its sites on a much bigger picture, to share their musical experience with the rest of the country. Undercover Organism started off as a simple idea and revelation coagulated at Rothbury Music Festival, guitarists Josh and Hutch raised and nourished the thought. Undercover Organism began striving on improvised jams with dynamic rhythms and crescendos. Its sound began ranging from ambient trance to dance heavy electro rock. Having formed in 2009, their fan base has supported them in being recognized as a band that experiments with a new electronic jam sound unlike anything the area has ever offered, yet resonates with exactly what people are looking for in live music. Mixing live electronics with the four piece live band, Undercover Organism has shown that it is capable of turning any place they play into a rockin' dance party. Funk, jazz, rock, dubstep, dance, electronica, none of it is out of the question. Many sets are purely improvised with ever changing sounds, instruments, and musicians. Undercover Organism is constantly evolving and always finding new ways to keep the crowd moving. Engulf yourself in the electric sound waves of Undercover Organism.

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